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Life Reviews and Wisdom Circles

Bryan has made an extensive study of the process and benefits of autobiographical life reviews. 

Life Reviews  have been shown to be important and can be highly beneficial for:

  • Finding the best and most productive meanings within a closely examined life lived so far, including coming to terms with regrets, losses and other sources of past harms and hurts which may continue to haunt and spoil current life.
  • Discovering real and possibly under-appreciated signature strengths of character, resilience and the capacity to be fulfilled in what remains in life.  In other words, a true and productive wisdom.
  • Making the very most of what remains of later life and adapting best to what future limitations and disabilities will inevitably come along, without becoming seriously demoralised and finding the point of living “meaningless”.

Life Reviews can be undertaken in different ways.

  • Entirely alone and self directed,  perhaps using guidance such as “Life Reviews & Wisdom Circles” which can be ordered or downloaded from under the final tab RESOURCES.
  • A more challenging and comprehensive life review can be conducted with a trained facilitator.  This may also be the appropriate choice if the final account is to be printed up as a professional looking memoir and family legacy.  There would likely be a cost involved.
  • A final and very productive way is to undertake life review within a group which meets purposely to support each member to complete their life review, understand the implications, and take the actions required to live more fully.  Such arrangements are often called Wisdom Circles or “Wisdom of Life Circles”.  Details on the process and setting can be found in “Life Reviews & Wisdom Circles” which can be found under the tab RESOURCES.
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